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Improving Your speed to market by embracing cloud services

Our Approach

BossNine Technologies is a reliable, yet cost-effective go-to resource for medium- to large-sized businesses to leverage the business benefits of cloud computing. BossNine is ready to deliver the cloud expertise you need to get the job done without breaking the bank.

BossNine Technologies was born in the cloud, and we don’t believe that things just happen on their own—it’s up to us to make it happen. Our focus is clear: We help organizations embrace the cloud.

Whether your organization is just beginning to look to the cloud or seeking to take even greater advantage of what the cloud offers, BossNine Technologies is here to assist. From people to processes, and from applications to data, BossNine Technologies provides the skills and knowledge to make your journey to the cloud a success.

Our Story

BossNine team members have over 75 years’ experience helping organizations leverage emerging technologies, both from a technical perspective and a business and investment perspective. We have deep roots in technology, and while technology has evolved, the needs for due diligence, risk and return analysis, and focused expertise remain remarkably similar.

Desktop and server virtualization, software-defined infrastructures, and hyper-convergence all had similar adoption challenges to today’s cloud technologies. BossNine team members know how to leverage new technologies—we are the cloud experts you seek!

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Core Purpose

To build a vibrant technology services company where our employee & clients; learn, grow and prosper.

Core Values

Always Adding Value ( Do the extras)
Make it Rain - Work smart, have some fun & Prosper
Smile Therapy – In tough situations look up and smile
Shake & Bake – Working hand and hand to solve problems. Know your weaknesses and leverage your team’s strengths
Give Back - To Investors, Community and Charity

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