Client Success

Europe-based Automobile Manufacturer

Project Goals/Summary

Provisioning, administration and monitoring of web applications and development of CI/CD pipelines in a multi-environment AWS cloud infrastructure for USA Subsidiary


  • Python and bash scripting for AWS tasks automation using boto3 and AWS-CLI
  • AWS Lambda for processing CI/CD events
  • Jenkins to build CI/CD pipelines
  • Gradle for building Java applications
  • Artifactory for managing packages, artifacts and their metadata
  • Ansible for deployment and configuration management automation
  • Kitchen, Chef and Vagrant for testing infrastructure code in sandboxed virtual machines
  • Terraform to create, update, manage AWS infrastructure (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Selenium for smoke and sanity testing
  • SonarQube for code inspection
  • Splunk Enterprise for analysis and visualization of big data generated by the IT infrastructure
  • Datadog for cloud infrastructure monitoring

  • Environments

  • Development
  • Test
  • Staging
  • QA
  • Production
  • Sandbox
  • Operations

  • Publisher SaaS Software Compay